About platform

Flexberry is a technology software platform for professional software development. It allows to optimize the process of design, creation and support of information systems for IT companies.

Flexberry application areas

  • Comprehensive tracking systems
  • Automation of business processes and workflow
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Integration of information systems
  • Analytical systems
  • Geoinformation systems

Using Flexberry platform advantages

  • Rapid prototyping of software solutions;
  • Reducing the complexity of the information systems development process;
  • Ability to use ready-made software components;
  • Increase the efficiency of interaction with customers through the use of system and process visual models;
  • Using service-oriented approach for the enterprise information space development;
  • Reducing costs of information systems maintenance.

Additional advantages

  • Technological components are available in OpenSource;
  • Centralized possibility of practical skills training with the Flexberry platform for staff;
  • Various technical support options.

Try our products

Platform products are available for free during the trial period or for open projects. Try it, and decide if they are suitable for your tasks.

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You can also see the products source code on GitHub.