Flexberry PLATFORM
  • Flexberry Designer

    Design and programming automation

  • Flexberry Base

    Application development for a unique business process

  • Flexberry GIS

    Geographic information system in your application

  • Flexberry Service Bus

    Integration opportunities

  • Flexberry Analytics

    Application analytics

  • Flexberry BPM

    Process approach in the application

  • Flexberry Portal

    Quick creation of corporate portal

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Flexberry platform formula

Architecture + Components = Capabilities

Process + Model = Effective development and maintenance

Flexberry provides a wide range of products for developers. Efficiency, quality and reliability of solutions created by using the Flexberry platform are the key to success of new projects.

Try our products

Install any of the products for free in a test period,
and decide is it suitable for your tasks.



Flexberry platform provides consulting services with the participation of experts in the field of development and implementation of information systems. Our experts are ready to carry out a project examination, organize a survey and prepare recommendations for development, write technical tasks.

Projects implementation

Flexberry platform provides services for projects realization in the field of development and implementation of information systems. In-depth study of customer needs and detailed analysis of their activities allow us to create information systems that meet needs of our customers.

You can contact us:

E-Mail: mail@flexberry.net

If additional information is required, we recommend you to read the section

Platform features

Flexberry for training purposes

Free academic license

Students can use the modern software design and implementation tools as part of the Flexberry platform by using an academic license.

Training courses and knowledge base

The “New platform” company on a periodic basis conducts practical courses "Development of enterprise applications" for students and developers-trainees. All the courses materials are available in a special section of the documentation, as well as on our Youtube channel.

Learn more


It is possible to pass an internship in the team engaged in the Flexberry platform development. The internship can take place in the format of industrial or pre-graduate practice as well as on a general basis.

Want to learn it?

You can request a free academic license to complete training assignments